3260            Yellow bu

               3261         White bu 

Beets - Early Wonder 1/2 oz. - Item# 3532

        Color: Dark Red, Shape: Flattened, Top: 17", Maturity:52 days

  Beets - Detroit Dark Red 1/2 oz. - Item# 3533

        Color: Blood Red, Shape: Globe, Top: 13" Maturity: 58 days Canning and Bunching Variety; Shape Globe to Round; Indistinct Zoning

  Broccoli - Green Sprouting Medium Calabrse 1 oz. - Item# 3540

        Plant: February to March, Maturity: 75 days This is a shallow rooted plant that does best in cool weather. The seed germinate quickly, and

        may be grown in February and March.

  Brussel Sprouts - Long Island Improved 1/2 oz. - Item# 3539

        Heads: 1.5", cabbage like; Plant: 20" tall; Maturity 90 days  The stems are set closely together with 1.5 cabbage like heads. They grow to

        about 20" tall. It us used primarily in the fall.

  Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield 1/2 oz. - Item# 3572

        Head: 5.5" diameter, 2.5 lb., Conical; Maturity: 62 days. Uniform, Slow Bolting home garden and market type, Early Maturity

  Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch 1/2 oz. - Item# 3573

        Heads: Flat, 12" Diameter, 6.5" Deep. 12 Lbs. Maturity: 100 days Standard Late Variety Well suited for Processing Because of Heavy

  Cabbage - Copenhagen Market 1/4 oz. - Item# 3574

        Heads: blue-green, 6" round, 4 to 4.5 lb. A good variety for the home garden. Heavy yield, convenient size, attractive shape, fine quality

  Cabbage - Chinese Michihli 1/2 oz. - Item# 3575

        Head: Long, Cylindrical, 4.5" diameter, Good for Salads; Maturity: 75 days; Plant: Midseason Chinese Type, Used Chiefly for Salads,

        Plant: 19" tall

  Cantalope - Burpee Hybrid 15 - seeds - Item# 3596

        Flesh: Orange; Fruits: 7" long, 6" across, 4-4.5 lb.; Maturity: 82 days Fruits: Ribbed and Heavily Netted. Exceptional flavor and early high

        yield. Produces well even in northern states.

  Cantalope - Banana 1/4 oz. - Item# 3590

        Flesh Color: Salmon Pink; Size 16" x 4", 4.5 lb., Maturity: 94 days Ribbing: None; Netting: Absent or Sparse

  Cantalope - Rocky Ford 1/4 oz. - Item# 3593

        Flesh: Green with gold lining; Fruit: 5" X 5.5"; Maturity: 88 days Also know as Eden Gem. The most satisfactory variety of the green flesh

        Rocky Ford types. Ribbing: straight; Netting: heavy;

  Cantalope - Ambrosia Hybrid - 15 seeds - Item# 3598

        Flesh Color: salmon; Weight: up to 5 lb.; Maturity: 86 days It is very sweet with sweet flesh and a small seed cavity, It is good to eat right

        up to the rind.

  Cantalope - Hales Best Jumbo 1/4 oz - Item# 3591

        Flesh Color: Salmon Orange; Fruit: 7.5" X 6", 5.5 lb.; Maturity: 86 days Large fruited Hales strain, Good local and short distance shipper,

        Medium Ribbing, Heavy Netting,

  Carrot - Chantenay 1/2 oz. - Item# 3610

        Interior Color: reddish orange, Length:5.5" to 7.5"; Diameter 1.75" to 2.5"; Maturity 70 days A short Blocky Type used for canning and

        processing; Shape: heavy, wide shoulder stumped, Top: 15" to 18"

  Carrot - Danvers Half Long 1/2 oz - Item# 3611

        Interior Color: reddish orange; Length: 7" to 8"; Diameter: 1.75 to 2.25"; Maturity: 73 days processing type, Heavy yielder for market,

        home garden and processing, Shape: moderately tapered, heavy shoulders, stumped; Top: 16 to 20"

  Cauliflower - Snowball 1/8 oz - Item# 3620

        Heads: White and medium in size; Maturity: 72 days

  Collards - Georgia 1 oz. - Item# 3640

        Leaves: large, blue-green; Plants: 30-36" tall; Maturity: 80 days Tolerant to extremes of hot and cold, semi upright, Grown chiefly in the

  Collards - Vates 1 oz. - Item# 3641

        Leaves: large, heavy and dark green; Plant 28-32" tall; Maturity: 75 days A winter hardy, long standing variety grown chiefly in the mid-

        Atlantic states and Florida, upright and none heading

Corn - Ornamental - Indian Ornamental 1/2 lb. - Item# 2990

        Ear: 8.5" long; Plant: 8' tall; Maturity: 110 days an attractive and decorative strain of Rainbow Flint.

  Corn - Pop - Purdue 410 Hybrid Popcorn 1/2 lb. - Item# 2900

        Kernels: Yellow; Ears: 5.5 " long; Plant: 5.5' tall; Maturity: 95 days A very popular popcorn in this area. large yellow kernels which pop up to

        enormous size.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Golden Cross Bantam - Item# 282

        Sugar: SU-normal, Ears: Golden, 8" len., Maturity: 85 days Old standard, large ear, home garden and market

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Silver Queen - Item# 289

        Sugar: SU-normal; Ears: White, 8" len. 1.8" dia. Maturity: 88 days The most popular white sweet corn in America because of its superb

        eating quality and wide range of adaptation. One of the few varieties consumers ask for by name. Resistant to Wilt, Northern Blight and

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Golden Queen - Item# 288

        Sugar: SU-normal, Ears: light gold, 8.5" Len. Maturity: 88 days Light gold kernels with the tenderness and sweetness of Silver Queen.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Iochief - Item# 284

        Sugar: SU-normal; Ears: Yellow, 8" len. Maturity: 86 days Good for home garden and market.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Kandy King - Item# 278

        Sugar: SE-enhaced; Ears: Yellow, 8.5" len. 1.8" dia. Maturity: 73 days Outstanding eating quality. Good cool-soil emergence. Excellent tip

        fill. Resistant to Stewarts Wilt

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Early Sunglow - Item# 283

        Sugar: SU-normal, Ears: Yellow, 7.5" len., 1.8" dia. Maturity: 70 days Produces a compact, flavorful ear in an attractive husk. Ideal for

        roadside markets.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Honey Select - Item# 281

        Sugar: TripleSweet (75% Sugary Enhanced se 25% supersweet); Ears: Yellow, 8.5" len. 2" dia. Maturity: 79 days The first yellow TripleSweet.

         Outstanding flavor for local markets demanding yellow hybrids.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Peaches and Cream, Early - Item# 276

        Sugar: SE-enhanced, Ears: Bicolor, 8" len. 1.8" dia. Maturity: 70 days Two colors and two flavors in every bite. Early maturity, High quality

        ears, Extended harvest period.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Ambrosia Hybrid Bi-Color - Item# 277

        Sugar: SE-Sugary enhancer; Ears: Bicolor, 8" len. 2" dia; Maturity: 75 days Home garden, fresh market, roadside stand and shipping.

        Supreme eating quality, noted for its early vigor and high tolerance to Stewart's Wilt, under stressful conditions may tip blank

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Incredible - Item# 291

        Sugar: SE-enhanced; Ears: Yellow, 9.5" len. 2" dia; Maturity: 85 days  Excellent for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand and

        shipping, has good husk protection with a very green husk and flag leaves, wide adaptability, Moderately tolerant to Common Rust and

        Stewart's Wilt, Tolerant to Northern Corn Leaf Blight

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Golden Beauty Hybrid - Item# 286

        Sugar: SU-normal; Ears: Gold, 7.5" len., Maturity: 72 days Standard medium early With good quality for home and roadside market

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Seneca Chief - Item# 287

        Suagar: SU-normal, Ears: Yellow, 7" len. Maturity: 85 days Stays in good eating condition longer than most, a popular variety

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Silver King - Item# 280

        Sugar: SE-enhanced; 8" len. 1.9" dia. Maturity:82 days In home garden and local market plantings, Silver King has been repeatedly noted

        for its superb eating quality in a product consumers will go out of their way for. Resistant to Blight, Wilt and Rust

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - NK199 - Item# 293

        Sugar: SU-normal; Ears Gold, 8" len. Blocky; Maturity: 82 days

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Merit - Item# 292

        Sugar: SU-normal; Ears: yellow, 8" len. 2" dia. Maturity: 80 days Reliable yields and quality

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Kandy Korn - Item# 285

        Sugar: SE-enhanced; Ear: Yellow, 9" len. 1.8" dia. Maturity: 81 days A high quality ear on a reddish plant. Popular for home garden and

        roadside market use. Resistant to Common Rust.

  Corn - Sweet - Hybrids - Sugar Baby - Bi Color - Item# 281

        Sugar: SE-enhanced; Ears: Bi-Color, 8.25" len. Maturity: 65 Days Excellent Quality, Good cold tolerance, Reddish green plant, Tolerance to

  Corn - Sweet - Open Pollinated - Sweet G90 - Item# 295

        Ears: Bi-Color, 9" X 1.95", Maturity 85 days Very late, Popular for the local markets. Easy to grow with large ears. 8' tall, Performs well in

        the Corn Belt and Southeast US, Used by field crops as a sweet corn to plant adjacent to their fields for home and local market use.

Corn - Sweet - Open Pollinated - White Hickory King - Item# 297

        Roasting Ear Corn, Ears: White, 8.5" len. Very large kernels, Maturity: 100 days An old favorite white roasting ear. Must be picked and used

         at its top roasting ear stage. Deliciously flavored, extra large grains, predominately 8 rowed on a small cob. Excellent for freezing on the

        cob or cut kernels. stalk 7 feet tall.

  Corn - Sweet - Open Pollinated - Yellow Hickory King - Item# 298

        Roasting Ear Corn, Ears: Yellow, 8.5" len. Very large kernels, Maturity: 100 days An yellow variety of the old favorite roasting ear. Must be

         picked and used at its top roasting ear stage. Deliciously flavored, extra large grains, predominately 8 rowed on a small cob. Excellent for

        freezing on the cob or cut kernels.

  Corn - Sweet - Open Pollinated - Truckers Favorite - Item# 294

        Roasting Ear Corn, Ear: White, 9" len. Maturity: 100 days A well known, medium early southern roasting ear corn. Widely adapted in the

        south. Plant height is 8-9 ft,

  Cress - Upland 1/4 oz. - Item# 3650

        A dry ground version of Water Cress Maturity: 60 days Stays green year round, best as a late crop

  Cucumber - Burpee Hybrid - 20 Seeds. - Item# 3668

        Slicing Cucumber, 8.5" X 2.5", Medium Green, Maturity: 55 days Crisp white flesh, Productive over long season, Resistant to mosaic and

  Cucumber - Ashley Long Green 1/4 oz. - Item# 3661

        Slicing Cucumber, 8.5" X 2.5", Dark Green, Maturity: 70 days Medium Vine, Straight, Slightly tapered ends, White spine, Very little stippling,

         Resistant to Downey Mildew

  Cucumber - Pickling SM58 1/4 oz - Item# 3663

        Pickling Cucumber, 6" X 2.5" Medium Green, Maturity: 58 days Vigorous vine, Good color and processing quality. nearly cylindrical, Black

        spine, Resistant to Mosaic and Scab

  Cucumber - Cucumber Straight Eight 1/4 oz. - Item# 3664

        Slicing cucumber, 8.5" X 2.25", medium green, Maturity: 65 days A popular Home Garden and Shipping Variety, Very productive, Cylindrical

         rounded blunt ends, White spine, some stippling

  Cucumber - Sweet Slice Burpless 20 - Seeds. - Item# 3673

        Slicing Cucumber, 7" long, Maturity: 64 days Mild & Burpless, Can be eaten without peeling. Excellent yields, long season. Tolerates mildew,

          mosaic virus, watermelon mosaic virus (races 1 and 2) and zucchini yellow mosaic virus

  Cucumber - White Wonder 1/4 oz. - Item# 3666

        Slice or Pickle, 9" long, Ivory white, Maturity: 65 days Crisp with good quality

  Cucumber - Burpee Bush Hybrid - 20 Seeds - Item# 3676

        Slicing Cucumber, 10" len. Bright Green,   Maturity: 55 days Slender straight fruits, Compact, Bush-type plants for home garden or market,

        Full-size fruits are crisp and tasty. Tolerant to mosaic

  Dill - Mammoth Long Island  1/2 oz. - Item# 3680

        Grows 2.5" tall, Maturity 70 days Mainly used in stews, soups, and pickles

  Egg Plant - Black Beauty 1/8 oz. - Item# 3690

        Fruit: egg shaped, deep purplish black, Maturity: 78 days Early variety, good taste and is tender at all stages of growth, will retain color for

        a long time.

  Gourds - Dipper Extra Long 1/4 oz. - Item# 3689

        Fruit: pale green; Maturity 105 days

         Varnish fruits to use as long-lasting ladles. Pretty and practical! Easy to grow.

  Gourds - Mixed 1/4 oz. - Item# 3687       

  Gourds - Birdhouse-Bottle 1/8 oz. - Item# 3688

        Long-handled ball-shaped, can be hollowed out to make attractive birdhouses, or it can be used as a dipper. Maturity 95 days.  

  Green Beans  - Bush - Dwarf Horticultural Bush (October Shelly) - Item# 205

        Pods: 6" long. Maturity: 60 days. This is the long podded Talor Strain. A very popular bean in this section, known locally as Shelly or

        October Bean. May be eaten shelled or as a snap bean or a combination of both. Tender Podded when young. Plant is 14" to 18" tall and

  Green Beans  - Bush - White Half Runner - Item# 217

        Pods: 4" long, round. Maturity: 56 days. Good string bean flavor. Heavy string, easily removed. Planted as a bush bean, 18 to 24 inches

        tall matted. Planted as a pole or cornfield bean, grows 4 to 5 feet tall. Light green, pod 3/8 inch diameter.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Tenderette Bush - Item# 220

        Pods: 5.5" long. Maturity: 55 days. An excellent string less bean for home garden or market use. Pods have excellent flavor, low fiber.

        Plant is 15 to 20 inches tall. With concentrated pod set on upper portion for easy picking. Has some disease resistance

  Green Beans  - Bush - Mayo's Red Peanut - Item# 206

        Pods: 5"long, round. Maturity 42 days. An extra tender, string bean, ready to pick in six weeks. pods turn pink when past the snap bean

        stage. Grows in clusters on a bush about 18 inches tall, occasionally will have short runners. Good string bean flavor, strings easily

  Green Beans  - Bush - State White Half Runner - Item# 219

        Pods: 6" long, round. Maturity: 56 days. Excellent flavored string bean, strings easily. A larger and later bean than the regular white half

        runner bean. Plant 24 inches tall and matted when planted as a bush bean.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Commodore, Dwarf Kentucky Wonder - Item# 223

        Pods: 8", almost round, slightly curved Maturity: 58 days Flavor similar to Kentucky Wonder. Produces over a long period of time.

        string less. Plant is 15 to 17 inches tall, upright, vigorous, moderately open.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Romanette - Item# 208

        Pods: 6" long, flat. Maturity: 55 days. Medium, flat pods. Sturdy 15 to 18-inch plants. Delicious when used fresh, frozen or canned

  Green Beans  - Bush - Kentucky Wonder - Item# 214

        Pods 6.5" long. Maturity 59 days. True Kentucky Wonder type pod and flavor. Very prolific, pods sting less. Low fiber, high borne, Plant 20

        inches tall.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Blue Lake Bush 274 - Item# 222

        Pods: 5.5 to 6 inches, round to crease backed. Maturity: 57 days. Combines bush plant habit with the essential pod qualities of the pole

        Blue Lake absence of fiber, crispness. Used for canning and fresh table use. Pod are dark green. Plants are big and floppy.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Topcrop - Item# 211

        Pods: 5.5" long. Maturity 58 days. High yielding, high quality, good for canning and table use.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Golden Wax Bush - Item# 238

        Pods: 5.5" long, yellow, golden color. Maturity: 68 days. Popular yellow podded variety, used for early snap beans when young or for green

        shell purposes later. Pods are fleshy, have good flavor. Bush type plants produce well.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Mountaineer Half Runner - Item# 218

        Pods: 4" long, oval. Maturity: 56 days. Good string bean flavor. Heavy string, easily removed. Planted as a bush bean, 18 to 24 inches tall

         matted. Planted as a pole or cornfield bean, grows 4 to 5 feet tall. Light green, pod, 3/8 inch diameter.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Contender - Item# 216

        Pod: 6.5", straight, round, medium green. Maturity: 50 days.

         Yields almost a week ahead of the others. Meaty pods. Drought, heat and disease-resistant

  Green Beans  - Bush - Zeus 1/2 lb - Item# 215

        Pod: 5", medium dark, snap, processor. Plant: 12"-18" tall. Maturity: 51 to 60 days

  Green Beans  - Bush - Giant String less Greenpod - Item# 203

        Pods 6" long. round, fairly straight. Maturity 52 days. Tender, string less garden and canning variety.

  Green Beans  - Bush - Roma II - Item# 210

        Pods: 5" long, flat. Maturity: 58 days. Superior bean flavor combined with a long bearing period make this a premium garden bean. the long,

        string less, tender pods are used green as well as dry horticultural.

  Green Beans - Pole - Blue Ribbon Pole - Item# 226

        Pods: Medium length, thick, round, slightly curved. Maturity: 65 days. The most popular pole bean in this section. An heirloom bean from

        east Tennessee. Tender with heavy string. Has that delicious string bean flavor. May be eaten in the full pod stage.

  Green Beans - Pole - White Kentucky Wonder 191 pole - Item# 231

        Pods: 6.5 " long, thick, oval. Maturity: 70 days. A white seeded type of an old favorite which is well known for its distinctive flavor and

        excellent quality. Pods are meaty. May be used as a snap bean or dry shell bean. Plants are 5 to 6 feet tall

  Green Beans - Pole - Kentucky Blue Pole - Item# 234

        Pods: 7" long, round, straight. Maturity: 59 days. A white seeded variety that is ready to harvest a week earlier than Kentucky Wonder.

        Good for eating fresh, canned or frozen.

  Green Beans - Pole - Rattlesnake Pole - Item# 233

        Pods: 7" round, (twist and snake around pole),  String less while pods are small to medium size: unusual, dark-green pods streaked with purple Seeds buff-colored splashed with brown. Heat

         Tolerant, does best in sandy soil Maturity: 100 days

Green Beans - Pole - Kentucky Wonder Pole - Item# 229

        Pods: 8" long by .5", curved, flat to oval. Maturity: 65 days. An old favorite, well known for its distinctive flavor and excellent quality. Pods:

         meaty, string less and tender when young. Plant 5 to 7 feet tall, good climber. Bears over a long period of time.

  Green Beans - Pole - Blue Lake Pole - Item# 235

        Pods: 5.5" long, oval. Maturity: 64 days. This is a tender fleshy podded string less creasback type bean. Seeds are slow to form. Excellent

        for canning or freezing. May be eaten when seeds are less than the size of a grain of rice. Plants about 6 feet tall.

  Green Beans - Pole - Genuine Cornfield Pole - Item# 228

        Pods: 5.5" long, oval. Maturity: 84 days. High yielding, high quality excellent for planting in corn or on poles. Pod: 4 - 5 large seeds. Plant: 5

         to 6 feet tall, good climbing ability.

  Green Beans - Pole - White Greasy Cornfield Pole - Item# 227

        Pods 5" long, round, light green Maturity: 70 days Get its name from its greasy appearance, Vines will run 6' to 7' on poles or heavily

        stalked field corn, may contain some off varieties, Plant after frost, full season bean

  Green Beans - Pole - White McCaslin Pole - Item# 232

        Pods: 8" long by .5" wide, flat, straight. Maturity: 66 days. Outstanding string pole bean, selected for greatly increased productivity. Pods:

        fairly smooth, slightly fibrous but good quality and flavor. Heavy vines 5 to 6 feet tall.

  Green Beans - Pole - Missouri Wonder Pole - Item# 230

        Pods: 8" long Maturity: 64 days. A Deliciously flavored pole bean, full meated.

  Greens - Mixed 1 oz - Item# 3930

        Contains: Southern Giant Curled Mustard, Seven Top Turnip, Dwarf Siberian Kale, Tendergreen Mustard, and Rape Maturity: 42 Days

  Kale - Dwarf Essex Rape 1 oz. - Item# 3820

        Leaves: smooth; Plant: hardy and vigorous. Maturity 60 days.

         Makes a fine salad when young and tender.

  Kale - Dwarf Siberian 1 oz. - Item# 3700

        Leaf: Large, Coarse with Frilled Edges, Blue-Green; Plant: 12" to 15" tall; Maturity: 65 days Vary hardy, Grown mostly in the South

  Kale - Dwarf Scotch Curled 1 oz. - Item# 3702

        Leaf: Finely Curled, Dark Blue Green; Plant: 13" Tall; Maturity: 55 days Also known as Vates, Slow bolting, Shows tolerance to yellowing in

        cold weather

  Kohl Rabi - White Vienna 1/4 oz. - Item# 3704

        Bulbs: 2"; Plant 10-12" tall; Maturity: 55 days          

         Mild, sweet flavor, tender, crisp flesh.

  Lettuce - Tom Thumb 1/4 oz. - Item# 3723

        Head Lettuce, Head: softball size; Maturity: 80 days

         Used primarily for individual salads

  Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson 1/2 oz. - Item# 3711

        Leaf Lettuce, Leaf: Large Crumpled Frilled, Light Green. Plant: Large Upright, Maturity: 44 days A favorite for Home Garden and Market

  Lettuce - Ruby 1/4 oz. - Item# 3715

        Leaf Lettuce, Leaf: Crumpled, Frilled, Red; Plant: Upright, Maturity: 44 days Used mostly as a decorative lettuce

  Lettuce - Salad Bowl 1/4 oz. - Item# 3714

        Leaf Lettuce, Leaf: Short Closely set, Wavy and Notched, Medium green, Medium green, Plant: Large Rosette, Maturity: 50 days Slow

        Bolting will stand 7-10 days longer than other leaf Type. Black Seeded

  Lettuce - Bibb Summer 1/2 oz. - Item# 3712

        Leaf Lettuce, Leaves: Thick outer, Bibb interior; Slow to bolt, used primarily in summer

  Lettuce - Iceberg 1/4 oz. - Item# 3721

        Head Lettuce, Head: Medium Size, Good Solidity, Medium size Light Green Core with a tinge of Brown Crinkled leaves, Maturity: 82 days

        Primarily for Home Garden and Market, White Seeded, Tolerant to Tip burn

  Lima Beans - Bush - Eastland Bush Lima - Item# 241

        Pods: 3" long,  slightly curved, broad, flat, containing 3 to 4 seeds; Seeds: Green; Plant: 15-16" tall, , erect and uniform. Maturity: 65 days

        The earliest small or baby lima in the south. Well known for its uniformity and high quality. Home garden and processing use.

  Lima Beans - Bush - Jackson Wonder Bush Lima - Item# 247

        Pods: 3" long, 3-4 seeds; Seeds: Buff Mottled with Purplish Black, Thick, Flat, Oval; Plant: 13-17" tall; Maturity: 66 days Very prolific bush

        type lima bean with pods that set well under adverse hot weather conditions.

Lima Beans - Bush - Burpee Bush Lima - Item# 245

        Pods: 5.5" long, slightly curved, Clusters of 5 or 6 pods, each containing 4 or 5 large, flat, oval beans. Maturity: 75 days. Easy to shell.

  Lima Beans - Bush - Dixie Butter Pea Bush Lima - Item# 249

        Pods: 4" long, 3-4 seeds; Seed: White, small, nearly round; Plant: 16-23" tall; Maturity: 75 days Home garden and Market Variety, Used in

        the South

  Lima Beans - Bush - Fordhook 242 Bush Lima - Item# 242

        Pods: 4" long, 3-4 seeds: Seeds: Cream color, thick plump; Plant: 16-19" tall, spreading; Maturity: 74 days A late all round variety, wadely

        adapted for canning, freezing, market and home garden. One of the most popular of the large, thick dwarf limas: due to its high productivity

         under adverse weather conditions. Heat resistant.

  Lima beans - Pole - Sieva - Item# 252

        Pod: 3" - 3.5" Plant: 8 - 10' Maturity: 75 days

  Lima beans - Pole - Large Speckled Pole - Item# 253

        Pods: 5.5" long, Light Buff splashed with Purple; Beans: very large; Maturity: 84 days High quality, vigorous, "Christmas" lima, great

        canned, frozen, or fresh

  Lima beans - Pole - King of the Garden Pole Lima - Item# 251

        Pods: 6X1.25", 4-5 seeds; Seeds: Largest of all pole limas, Creamy White to Pole Green, Large, Flat; Plant: 8-10" tall; Maturity: 88 days

        The largest pods and seeds of all the pole lima types, extremely tall vines, large leaves. good climbing ability.

  Mustard - Florida Broadleaf 1 oz. - Item# 3730

        Leaf: Large, Thick, Round, with Saw tooth edge, Bright to Medium Green; Plant: Large, Semi Upright; Maturity: 50 days Sharp Cabbage

        Taste, Medium wide, Cream Colored Midrib

  Mustard - Tendergreen 1 oz. - Item# 3733

        Leaf: Medium, Thick Smooth, oblong, Dark Green; Plant: Large Upright; Maturity: 35 days Mustard Spinach

  Mustard - Southern Giant Curled 1 oz. - Item# 3731

        Leaf: Long, Wide Fringed and Curled leaf Edge, Medium to dark green; Plant: Large Upright; Maturity: 45 days Slow Bolting, Sharp Cabbage


  Okra - Dwarf Green Long Pod 1 oz. - Item# 3750

        Pods: 8" long dark green; Plant: 36" tall ; Maturity: 50 days.  Produces earlier and higher yields than other varieties

  Okra - Burgundy 1/2 oz. - Item# 3747

        Pod: Up to 8" long, Burgundy; Plant: 48" Tall, Red Stems, Green Leaves; Maturity: 60 days.  1988 All-America Selections Winner!  Plant

        produces good yields

  Okra - Clemson Spineless 1 oz. - Item# 3754

        Pods: Best when 2 1/2-3 in. long, Dark green, slightly grooved, straight, pointed, without spines. Plants: 4 ft. high, Maturity: 56 days All-

        America Winner. Pick pods young, while still tender. Pods are excellent for use in soups, stews and relishes.

  Parsley - Triple Curled 1/2 oz. - Item# 3771

        compact mounding perennial herb, extra curly and used extensively both in foods and as garnish

  Parsnip - Hollow Crown 1/2 oz. - Item# 3780

        Roots: 12" long, 3" thick, Mild, white flesh is fine-grained. Maturity: 105 days.  Develops a sweet, nutty flavor after frost. Does best in

        deeply prepared soil.

  Peas - Little Marvel - Item# 257

        Pea: Medium Size, Dark Green, Wrinkled; Pod: 3", 6-8 peas, Dark Green, Straight, Semi-Blunt, Plant: 16-18 tall; Maturity: 65 days Home

        and Garden Favorite

  Peas - Mammoth Melting Sugar (snow pea) - Item# 261

        Sugar Pea; Pea: Light green, Wrinkled; Pod: 4" long, Light Green, Blunt, Slightly Curved; Plant: 36-40" tall; Maturity: 74 days The largest

        and finest of the sugar or edible-podded peas.

  Peas - Cascadia - Item# 259

        Snap pea; Pea: Light green; Pod: 3" long, Light green; Plant: 30" tall; Maturity: 72 days Normal 2 pods per node, stays sweet longer than

        most Snap Peas.

  Peas - Dwarf Grey Sugar (snow pea) - Item# 260

        Sugar Pea; Pea: Light Green Smooth; Pod: 2.5" long, Light Green, Curved; Plant: 28-32" tall, purple flower; Maturity: 74 days Home garden

        salad pea that produces edible pods. Should be picked and prepared for the table in the same manner as snap beans, using the pods before

         the peas develop to full maturity

  Peas - Laxton Progress No. 9 - Item# 267

        Pea: Large Oval, Dark Green Wrinkled; Pod: 4" long 6-8 peas, Glossy Dark Green, Pointed; Plant 12-16" tall; Maturity: 62 days Market and

        Home Garden

Peas - Alaska - Item# 255

        Sugar Pea; Pea: small light green, smooth; Pod: 2.5" long, 5-7 peas, Light green, Straight, Blunt; Vine: 24-28"; Maturity: 56 days Early

        variety for Canning and Home Garden use

  Peas - Wando - Item# 258

        Pea: Medium Size, Dark Green, Wrinkled; Pod: 3", 6-8 peas, Dark green, Straight, Blunt; Plant: 28-30" tall; Maturity: 68 days Canning and

        Freezing Variety, Tolerant to Heat and Cold

  Peas - Thomas Laxton - Item# 256

        Pea: Large, Bright Green, Wrinkled; Pod: 3.5" 6-8 peas, Dark green, Straight, Blunt; Plant: 28-34" tall; Maturity: 64 days Freezing Type,

        Excellent Quality

  Peas - Sugar Snap - Item# 262

        Edible Pod and Shell Pea; Pod: 3" long; Plant: 72-96" tall, 1 or 2 pods per node; Maturity: 72 days An ALL AMERICAN SELECTION Pea with

        thick, crisp, edible pods as well as delicious shelled peas. The pods have a distinctive sweet taste which actually gets sweeter as they grow

         more mature. They are delicious served raw, whole or snapped into bite-seize pieces or salads. The strings of mature pods should be

        stripped off, tender young pods need no stringing. They can be cooked either by stir-frying or steaming very quickly, as overcooking will

        diminish the taste and cause the pods to fall apart. Because of that pods freeze well but are not good for canning.

  Peas - Crowder - Colossus Brown Crowder Cowpea - Item# 275

        Pea: plump round, Pod: large, cream colored, grow in bunches off the ground; Plant: bush; Maturity: 65 days A new variety of knuckle hull

        type. Use for freezing, canning or dry beans.

  Peas - Crowder - California Black-eyed Southern Cow Pea - Item# 269

        Pod: 7-8" long; Maturity: 60 days Can be used either green fresh or dried. An excellent easily shelled cowpea. Highly resistant to wilt,

        nematodes and other pea diseases.

  Peas - Crowder - Hercules - Item# 274

        Pea: large; Maturity: 77days.

         A late season variety but produces for four weeks.  Drought resistant

  Peas - Crowder - Pink Eye, Purple Hull - Item# 268

        Pod: A true white purple hull; Pea: When green, the peas are white with a small purple eye; Maturity: 50 days.

         Good for market, freezing or shipping. Excellent flavor. With favorable weather, it will produce two crops on the plants in one season.

  Peas - Crowder - Big Boy Cowpea - Item# 273

        Peas; small; Pod:  Purplehull, 18 cm long; 10 peas per pod;  Plant : 53 cm; Maturity: 66 days

  Peas - Crowder - Mississippi Silver hull Brown Crowder Cowpeas - Item# 270

        Pod: silver, shells much easier than any other brown crowder; Plant: Bunch type; Maturity 55 days.

         One of the largest selling Crowder peas on the market. For canning, freezing, or green or dry use.

  Peas - Crowder - Zipper Cream - Item# 272

        Pods: Medium green straw color when dry; Peas: large, white; Plant: low bushy; Maturity: 66 days Easy shelling, high yields, great fresh or


  Peas - Crowder - Knuckle Hull Purple Hull - Item# 271

        Plant: Bush type; Maturity: 60 days One of the largest selling Crowder peas on the market. Large easy to pick. For canning, freezing, or

        green or dry use. Maturity 60 days

  Pepper - California Wonder 1/4 oz - Item# 3790

        Fruit: 3" X 4", 4-lobed fruit; Maturity 75 days.  The standard bell pepper for many decades, this 1928 introduction is still the largest open-

        pollinated, heirloom bell you can grow, and a big improvement over the earlier bells.

  Pepper - Jalapeno 1/4 oz. - Item# 3795

        Fruit: 3" long ripens from green to brilliant red; Maturity 75 days.  The brightly colored peppers add zest to salsa and make for an attractive

        dried display in a kitchen. .

  Pepper - Cayenne Long Red 1/4 oz. - Item# 3791

        Fruit: twisted, long and slender, tapering to a point, deep green, turning red when ripe; Plant: 24-30" tall; Maturity:  70 days. An early, very

        hot, all-purpose variety for canning, pickling, drying, market and home garden. An old-time favorite.

  Pepper - Banana 1/4 oz. - Item# 3794

        Friut: yellow, slender, 4" long, tapering to the end. Matures 67 days after transplanting A very early, slender, yellow, all-purpose variety for

        processing, shipping and market. If held to maturity, the waxy yellow flesh will turn bright red. Hot flavor except in the quality of

  Pumpkin - Striped Cushaw - Item# 3802

        Fruit: 16-20 X 8-10", long curved neck, 12#, White with green stripes smooth; Flesh: Yellow, fairly fine, grained, sweet; Maturity: 110 days

        Used for pies, Canning

  Pumpkin - Howdens Field 1/4 oz - Item# 3818

        Fruit: Meaty, 25 to 30-pound, sturdy handles, dark orange flesh; Maturity: 115 days Produces plenty of full-sized pumpkins of uniform

        shape and color.

Pumpkin - Big Max 1/8 oz - Item# 3807

        Fruit: Orange-skinned, 18-inch diameter, splashed with pink; Flesh: Fine-grained, bright orange flesh Maturity: 110 days Handsome

        pumpkins, up to 100 pounds or more, make excellent pies and impressive jack-o-lanterns. flesh is great for canning or freezing.

  Pumpkin - Connecticut Field 1/2 oz. - Item# 3805

        Fruit: orange-gold, weigh 15-20 pounds, flattened bottom; Maturity: 110 days.  It is the oldest Halloween pumpkin and makes great pies too.

  Pumpkin - Jack-O-Lantern 1/2 oz - Item# 3804

        Fruit: 8 X 8  round, up to 50#, medium orange, slight suture; Flesh: orange-yellow, thick; Maturity: 100 days  Very uniform for Jack-O-

  Pumpkin - Jack-B-Little 20 seeds - Item# 3803

        Fruit: miniature, 3" across and 2" high; Plant: bears 6 or 7 fruits; Maturity: 95 days.   Used for fall/winter decorations.

  Pumpkin - Small Sugar Pie 1/2 oz. - Item# 3801

        Fruit: 6 X 7" rounded with flattened ends, 5-6#, Dark orange, distinct ribbing; Flesh: orange-yellow, fine textured, sweet, thick New improved

        selection, small seed cavity, maturity 110 days.

  Radish - Crimson Giant 1 oz. - Item# 3838

        Root: Globe-shaped roots have deep crimson skin, and reach 1 1/2 in. in diameter; Flesh: Solid white, firm, crisp and mild; Maturity 29 days

         Usually reaches 1 1/2 in. in diameter, without becoming hollow or pithy. Thrives in cool weather. Make successive plantings every 2 weeks

        until late spring, then again a month before frost

  Radish - Sparkler White Tip 1 oz. - Item# 3832

        Root: Flattened globe, deep scarlet with white lower tip; Flesh: white and mild; Maturity 25 days very attractive variety for home garden and


  Radish - Scarlet Globe 1 oz - Item# 3831

        Root: Olive shape, smooth, thin. Maturity 22 days. Possibly the most popular radish, it is very adaptable for forcing under glass.

  Radish - Cherry Belle 1 oz. - Item# 3836

        Bright cherry red, shape globe to round; Flesh: White firm, Top: 2.5-3" tall; Maturity: 21 days Popular for Cello pak and bunching

  Radish - White Chinese Winter 1 oz. - Item# 3837

        Root: 6-7.5" X 2"; Flesh: White, Firm, Crisp, pungent; Maturity: 52 days An all-season variety, but particularly adapted to winter use.

  Radish - White Icicle 1 oz. - Item# 3833

        Root: White, long, tapered; Flesh: White, Crisp, mild; Top: 3.24-4"; Maturity: 30 days The leading white variety for Market and Home

  Spinach - Bloomsdale Long Standing 1 oz. - Item# 3850

        Leaves: thick-textured, crinkled, glossy, dark green: Maturity: 48 days.  Long-Standing, Heavy, continuous yield. Matures quickly. For first

        crop, sow in spring. For second crop Plant again in late summer. In mild winter areas, fall plantings yield in early spring. Sun or Partial

  Squash - White Bush Scallop 1/2 oz. - Item# 3862

        Summer Squash; Fruit: Dish shape, scalloped edges, creamy white; Bush: Vigorous bush, strong central stem

  Squash - Zucchini Dark Green 1/2 oz. - Item# 3866

        Summer squash; Fruit: 7" long; Maturity: 50 days The classic zucchini. Excellent for salads, omlets,  ratatouille and stuffing. Flowers can

        be harvested for batter-fried squash blossoms. For other dishes, harvest the fruit very young, certainly before it exceeds 8" long.

  Squash - Acorn or Table Queen 1/4 oz. - Item# 3863

        Winter Squash; Fruit: 6X5", Acorn shape, pointed blossom end; Flesh: Pale orange, dry; Rind: hard, grooved, dark green; Plant: vine;

        Maturity: 80 days Good Keeper

  Squash - Prolific Straightneck 1/2 oz. - Item# 3861

        Summer Squash; Fruit: Tapered Cylindrical, creamy yellow, Bush: simi-open, normal leaf; Maturity: 50 days

  Squash - Pic-N-Pic Hybrid Crookneck 25 seeds. - Item# 3867

        Summer Squash; Fruit: Full Crookneck, yellow; Plant: open bush; Maturity: 50 days Heavy yields, smooth fruit, small blossom scars.

        Green stems

  Squash - Early Yellow Crookneck 1/2 oz. - Item# 3860

        Summer squash; Fruit: Crookneck, small seed, bulb shape, bright yellow; Plant: bush, semi-open, normal leaf; Maturity: 50 days

  Squash - Spaghetti 1/4 oz. - Item# 3869

        Winter Squash; Fruit: Long, oval; Flesh: Very pale yellow, ropy texture; Rind: Hard, smooth, yellow-tan; Plant type: Vine; Maturity; 110

        days Produces spaghetti like strands of flesh,

  Squash - Butternut 1/4 oz. - Item# 3864

        Winter Squash; Fruit: 10-12X5" Cylindrical, bulbous blossom end; Flesh: Light yellow, dry sweet; Rind: hard, smooth, creamy buff;

        Maturity: 110 days

  Sunflower - Sunflower - Black Russian 1/4 oz. - Item# 3998

        Plant: up to 12' tall; Head: 15-18" filled with black seeds, Maturity: 93 days

Swiss Chard - Lucullus 1/2 oz. - Item# 3550

        Stems: light green in color, broad and thick; Leaves: light green and crumpled; Maturity: 55 days Excellent variety for freezing.

  Tomato - Red Delicious 1/8 oz. - Item# 3905

        Plant: indeterminate; Fruit: most over 1lb. resist cracking; Maturity: 77 days

  Tomato - Early Girl Hybrid 30 seeds. - Item# 3916

        Plant: indeterminate, hybrid; Fruit: 5 oz, Globe to slightly flattened shape, Bright red; Maturity: 59 days.  Bears heavy crops extremely

        early, continues longer than most varieties. meaty with a lot of flavor and aroma.

  Tomato - Marglobe 1/8 oz. - Item# 3901

        Plant: Determinate; Fruit: scarlet, Uniform, Globe shaped, sweet; Maturity: 75 days

         old standard, sweet, heavy yield, uniform shape, resistant to Fusarium wilt

  Tomato - Jubilee Yellow 1/8 oz. - Item# 3904

        Plant: indeterminate; Friut: golden-orange, 8oz, deep globe, low acid, crack resistant, few seeds; Maturity: 80 days.  mildly-flavored fruits,

        good for making juice, heavy yield

  Tomato - Rutgers 1/8 oz. - Item# 3906

        Plant: indeterminate; Fruit: Red, slightly flattened, flavor is unequaled; Maturity:74 days.   excellent for both for slicing and cooking, Tall

        vines, fusarium resistant.

  Tomato - Big Boy Hybrid 30 seeds. - Item# 3911

        Plant: indeterminate, hybrid; Fruit: perfect, large, scarlet, average 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more; Maturity: 78 days One

        of the greatest tomatoes of all time and still a best seller. When burpee introduced this hybrid tomato in 1949, it's incredible productivity

        made it an instant hit. What's kept it ahead of the pack all these years is its wonderful aroma and rich flavor. Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks

         before your normal planting time.



  Tomato - Better Boy Hybrid 30 seeds. - Item# 3917

        Plant: Indeterminate, Hybrid Fruit red, many 1 lb. each; Maturity: 72 days good leaf coverage, Excellent disease resistance.


  Tomato - Beefmaster Hybrid 30 seeds - Item# 3915

        Plant: indeterminate, hybrid; Fruit: Meaty,  big enough to overlap burgers, Nearly seedless; Maturity: 80 days

         Fine beefsteak flavor, excellent slicer

  Tomato - Beefsteak 1/8 oz. - Item# 3903

        Plant: Indeterminate; Fruit: up to 2lb, nearly seedless; Maturity: 80 days


         Meaty tomatoes big enough to overlap ham burgers,  with fine beefsteak flavor. an excellent slicer.

  Turnip - Purple Top 1 oz. - Item# 3920

        Root: Globe shape, 4-6" across, white with pink to purple at the crown, white flesh; Plant: leaves 18-22" cut, dark green; Maturity: 55 days.

        Young leaves  Leaves  can be used for cooked greens when young and make the classic cooked "southern greens". A timeless variety,

        ancient yet still "number one" with turnip lovers who enjoy its deliciously sweet and tender white roots.

  Turnip - Seven Top 1 oz. - Item# 3927

        Leaves: 20-22", cut, very dark green: Root: Fibrous, tough; Maturity: 43 days Grown for greens of mild, delicate flavor.

        Harvest often to promote regrowth

  Turnip - White Egg 1 oz. - Item# 3928

        Root: Egg Shape, white flesh, white skin; Leaves: 18-20" tall, cut, medium green; Maturity: 50 days Popular in the South

  Watermelon - Florida Giant 1/2 oz. - Item# 3953

        Fruit: 30-40 lb, round; Flesh: Bright red, sweet; Rind: thick, dark green with bluish cast, Seeds: large, dark brown; Maturity: 95 days

        Vigorous, good shipper

  Watermelon - Congo 1/2 oz. - Item# 3951

        Fruit: 30-40 lb, oblong; Flesh: medium red; Rind: thick medium green with dark stripes; Seeds: medium size, light tan with brown edge;

        Maturity: 90 days

  Watermelon - Jubilee 1/2 oz. - Item# 3952

        Fruit: 25-40 lb., oblong; Flesh: bright red; Rind: tough, light green with dark green stripes; Seeds: large black; Maturity: 85 days Resistant to

         fusarium and anthracnose race 1

  Watermelon - Black Diamond 1/2 oz. - Item# 3956

        Fruit: 30-40 lb, round; Flesh: Bright red, sweet; Rind: thick, dark green with bluish cast, Seeds: large, dark brown; Maturity: 95 days

        Vigorous, Good shipper

  Watermelon - Tendersweet, Yellow 1/2 oz. - Item# 3959

        Fruit: 35-40 lb, oblong; Flesh: Orange; Rind: medium thick, light green with dark green stripes; Seeds: Medium size, cream with black margin

         and tip; Maturity; 90 days

Watermelon - Sugar Baby 1/2 oz. - Item# 3955

        Fruit: 1-10 lb, round; Flesh; bright red; Rind: thin, dark green with indistinct veining; Seeds: small, dark brown; Maturity; 74 days

  Watermelon - Crimson Giant 1/2 oz. - Item# 3958

        Maturity: 85 days; Fruit: 25 lb; Flesh: deep red color; Maturity: 85 days A large Crimson Sweet, outstanding yield potential, and exceptional

        flavor. Suitable for all US markets,

        Resistant/tolerant to Fusarium and Anthracnose.

  Watermelon - Charleston Grey 1/2 oz. - Item# 3950

        Fruit: 20-30 lb, oblong; Flesh: Bright red; Rind: thin,, tough, light green with dark green veining;  Seeds: large, tan with dark veins; Maturity:

        85 days

  Wildflower - Southern Wildflowers 1/4 oz. - Item# 3999

        Click item number to see varieties White Yarrow, Plains Coreopsis, Cornflower, Siberian Wallflower, Shasta Daisy, Lance-Ivd Coreopsis,

        Cosmos, Larkspur, Purple Coneflower, California Poppy, Indian Blanket, Annual Baby's Breath, Dame's Rocket, Tree Mallow, Gayfether,

        Scarlet Flax, Sweet Alyssum, Perennial Lupine, Baby Blue Eyes, Dwarf Evening Primrose, Corn Poppy, Annual Phlox, Black Eyed Susan






































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